Product SKU:  XU0268197
Product Availability:   In stock
Metoo Fantasy Angela Girls Plush Toys, Conciliation Doll Grab Machine, Dolls Gifts One Batch At A Time
Product specifics
Classification:Plush Doll
Modeling Category:Animal
Whether The Modeling Is Cartoon Or Animation:Yes
Classification Of Animals:Rabbit
Brand:Metoo/Mi Rabbit,Metoo/ Rabbit
Packaging Method:Gift Box
Filler Material:Polypropylene Cotton
Plush Classification:Short Plush
Is It Multifunctional?:No
Processing And Customization:Yes
Processing Mode:LOGO Label,LOGO OEM
Cartoon And Animation Types:Mi Rabbit
Is There A Video Guide?:No
Place Of Origin:Shenzhen
Is It Exclusively For Foreign Trade?:No
3C Configuration Category:Plush Toys Under 14 Years Old
Colour:Dream Grey,Dream Yellow,Dream Ballet,Pink Rabbit,Brown Deer
Height:13 Inches 34 Cm (with Gift Bags),20 Inches 54 Cm (no Gift Bag),12 Inch 30CM (gift Bag)
Age Of Application:Old Age (over 61)
Toy Category:Plush Toys

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