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Product SKU:  XU0324855
Product Availability:   In stock
Creative Cute Bunny Plush Toy Doll To Appease Bunny And Sleep With Doll
Product specifics
Classification:Plush Doll
Modeling Category:Animal
Whether The Modeling Is Cartoon Or Anime:No
Classification Of Animals:Rabbit
Brand:Qian Mei Dai
Packaging Method:Net Bag
Filler Material:Polypropylene Cotton
Plush Classification:Crystal Super Soft
Multi Function Or Not:No
Processing And Customization:Yes
Processing Mode:Customizing Samples
Patent And Copyright:Copyright
Patent No. Or Copyright Registration Certificate No:Nothing
Patent And Copyright Application Time:Nothing
Is There A Shopping Guide Video:Yes
Place Of Origin:Baigou
Whether It Is Exclusively For Foreign Trade:No
3C Configuration Category:Toys Over 14
Colour:Pink Color,Grey Paragraph

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