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Product SKU:  XU0627175
Product Availability:   In stock
Kitchen Mildew Proof Waterproof Tape Kitchen And Bathroom Stove Edge Sealing Vegetable Washing Basin Sink Gap Beautiful Seam Toilet Strip Sealing Paste
Product specifics
Fabric Principal Component:PVC
Fabric Principal Component Content:90
Fabric Sub Component Content:90
Place Of Origin:
Decor:Multi Color Options
Style:Modern Simplicity
Applicable Space:Kitchen
Color Classification:
Number Of Slices:Other / Other
Wall Sticker Type:
Space:Bedroom, Study, Outdoor, Dining Room, Bathroom, Porch, Balcony, Commercial Place
Advantage:Factory Direct Selling, Factory Wholesale, Spot Wholesale, A Large Number Of Spot Goods, Stall Artifact, Stall Artifact And Stall Goods

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