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uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147674/img_b/img_b_XU0147674_1_l95ZIydiPe9D2KWrpkiXR6zBTHk3QKCU
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147674/img_b/img_b_XU0147674_2_z1UewXWeAB30dySoiW7AfEn3oYfvjGtd
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147674/img_b/img_b_XU0147674_3_T6vzRSyM58sh99fzI6Hyk90q4bWcztHC
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147674/img_b/img_b_XU0147674_4_Oc6Y6WBFzm-xduw4UqWSCHEq0jI8NC3H
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147674/img_b/img_b_XU0147674_5_ixox0jo_f38jElULX63cQ-y3fqwyKUuI
Product SKU:  XU0147674
Product Availability:   In stock
Korean Pupil's Backpack 1-3-5-6 Grade Children's Pull-rod Backpack Girls 6-9-12 Years Old Shoulder Backpack
Product specifics
Source Category:Goods In Stock
Is Stock In Stock?:Yes
Inventory Type:Whole Sheet
Latest Delivery Time:Two
Is Distribution Supported?:Support Distribution
Franchise Distribution Threshold:More Than Three Stars
Applicable Sex:Female
School Age:Primary School
Texture Of Material:Nylon
Luggage Size:In
Capacity:20L Below
Package Internal Structure:Computer Pocket
Opening Method:Zipper
Function:Waterproof,Ventilation,Wear-resisting,Alleviate Excessive Burden
Shoulder Strap Number:Double Roots
With Or Without Pull Rod:No
Style:Korean Edition
Is There A Rain Shield?:Nothing
Lining Texture:Nylon
Brand:Bafunn Buffeni
Pattern:Pure Color
Popular Elements:Sewing Thread
Types Of Accessories:Backpack Shoulder Pad
Lifting Parts:Soft Handle
Suitable For Gift-giving Occasions:Opening Ceremony,Employee Welfare,Award Presentation,Anniversary Celebration,Exhibition,Festival,Advertising Promotion,Move In,Public Relations Planning,Wedding Celebration,Birthday,Business Gifts
Print LOGO:Yes?
Processing And Customization:Yes
Processing Mode:Printing
Colour:Black Pink/trumpet Grade 1-2 (schoolbag + Handbag),Black Pink/large 3-6 Grades (schoolbag + Handbag),Pink/Large Grade 3-6 (schoolbag + Handbag),Black Pink/trumpet Grade 1-2 (separate Schoolbag),Black-pink/large Grade 3-6 (separate Schoolbag)
Season Of The Year Of Listing:Spring 2019
Product Category:A Bag

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