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uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147858/img_b/img_b_XU0147858_5_mMAH6Tv1AxZUUa9_msNp4Fdfo5rs5bwh
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147858/img_b/img_b_XU0147858_2_kIiqCOhsIUIVeM1mz0f2mY8OZkV0VPqT
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147858/img_b/img_b_XU0147858_3_DmVcYJRzL4SR3WvDNhKj5p57RDMbonFb
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147858/img_b/img_b_XU0147858_4_QiiV9CijwQqayNFZekD2zxowbqDadjlN
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0147858/img_b/img_b_XU0147858_1_uu6NrxsrnmBsTDw8nmWj6BPtceSvolwI
Product SKU:  XU0147858
Product Availability:   In stock
Pull-rod Schoolboy Schoolbag 3D American Captain Superman Spider-Man Waterproof Six-wheeled Climbable Schoolbag For Children
Product specifics
Source Category:Goods In Stock
Is Stock In Stock?:Yes
Inventory Type:Whole Sheet
Latest Delivery Time:Two
Is Distribution Supported?:Support Distribution
Franchise Distribution Threshold:Nothing
Applicable Sex:Male
School Age:Primary School
Texture Of Material:Nylon
Luggage Size:Large
Package Internal Structure:Inside Pocket With A Zipper
Opening Method:Zipper
Function:Alleviate Excessive Burden
Shoulder Strap Number:Double Roots
With Or Without Pull Rod:Yes
Style:Cartoon Cute
Lining Texture:Nylon
Model:HP Captain Pull Rod
Popular Elements:Printing
Types Of Accessories:Pull Rod
Lifting Parts:Soft Handle
Print LOGO:May Not
Processing And Customization:Yes
Processing Mode:Printing
Colour:Six-Round 3D Captain USA,Six-Wheel 3D Spider-Man,Six-wheeled 3D Batman Style,Six Rounds Of 3D Superman,Six Rounds Of New American Captain Sky Blue,Six Rounds Of New American Captain Sapphire Blue,Six Rounds Of New American Captain Black
Season Of The Year Of Listing:Winter 2017

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