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uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0148017/img_b/img_b_XU0148017_1_MLve5iPwGVfxpMTaG0sNvrpiNj_sNM-D
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0148017/img_b/img_b_XU0148017_2__GBaG9C_a8F_Ggude5RjHJan4XRJNQxH
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0148017/img_b/img_b_XU0148017_3_1EUzHDN8gWSG-BErMWjFaYx157EHsWKb
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0148017/img_b/img_b_XU0148017_4_3HF7eBEfyZJ15ON_etP9jJ_TRpwGqnfA
uploads/erp/collection/images/School Bags/XUQY/XU0148017/img_b/img_b_XU0148017_5_if25MAxw7PvmcDKznKNu_5869ipwX2Gg
Product SKU:  XU0148017
Product Availability:   In stock
Cross-border Korean Primary School Students'Bookbags New Baby Characters Children's Cartoon Bookbags Shoulder Reduction Breathing Backpack Batch
Product specifics
Source Category:Goods In Stock
Is Stock In Stock?:Yes
Inventory Type:Whole Sheet
Latest Delivery Time:Three
Is Distribution Supported?:Support Distribution
Applicable Sex:Neutral/male
School Age:Primary School
Texture Of Material:Nylon
Luggage Size:Small
Capacity:20L Below
Package Internal Structure:Sandwich Zipper Bag,Inside Pocket With A Zipper
Opening Method:Zipper
Function:Waterproof,Ventilation,Wear-resisting,Alleviate Excessive Burden
Shoulder Strap Number:Double Roots
With Or Without Pull Rod:No
Style:Cartoon Cute
Is There A Rain Shield?:Nothing
Lining Texture:Nylon
Brand:Mu Tong
Popular Elements:Letter
Types Of Accessories:Rope Buckle
Lifting Parts:Soft Handle
Suitable For Gift-giving Occasions:Opening Ceremony,Employee Welfare,Award Presentation,Anniversary Celebration,Exhibition,Advertising Promotion,Festival,Move In,Wedding Celebration,Public Relations Planning,Birthday,Business Gifts
Print LOGO:May Not
Processing And Customization:Yes
Processing Mode:Printing
Series:Nine Hundred And Nine
Colour:Ice And Snow Margin Water Blue PU,Spiderman PU,Sophia PU,Wang Wang Team Baolan PU,Wang Wang Team Rose PU,Snow White PU,McQueen PU,Avenger Alliance PU,Star Wars PU,Lego Batman PU,Little Marbury PU,Mi Man PU,Mi Woman PU
Season Of The Year Of Listing:Summer 2018
Product Category:A Bag

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