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uploads/erp/collection/images/Women Clothing/YYFS/XU0322782/img_b/img_b_XU0322782_1_LZ6dUXXvvPrrrg6D0Z4UKbchFecEhUPi
uploads/erp/collection/images/Women Clothing/YYFS/XU0322782/img_b/img_b_XU0322782_2_gkbnAMfY5-gU1-vWGlZdv7uW1u1c4lVt
uploads/erp/collection/images/Women Clothing/YYFS/XU0322782/img_b/img_b_XU0322782_3_gjt8529udK2y411XmZeBvy1uY5zLW8Hp
uploads/erp/collection/images/Women Clothing/YYFS/XU0322782/img_b/img_b_XU0322782_4_plAYBjRnjxjZMM6Dh2BAYnTyZy6QYVp4
uploads/erp/collection/images/Women Clothing/YYFS/XU0322782/img_b/img_b_XU0322782_5_PtxgnG1CavDmcW-OahJJpoMijPZyvXMY
Product SKU:  XU0322782
Product Availability:   In stock
All Kinds Of Lace Camisole, Chest Wrap, Bra Pad, Anti Walk, Undergarment, Sexy Bra 1688
Product specifics
Source Category:Goods In Stock
Does It Support Labeling:I Won't Support It
Whether OEM Is Supported:I Won't Support It
Fabric Name:Spandex / Lycra
Main Fabric Composition:Nylon / Nylon
Content Of Main Fabric Components:Ninety-five
Product Category:Wrap / Bra
Function:Light Proof, Chest And Back Beautifying, Bottoming, Versatile, Sexy, Sweat Absorbing
Place Of Origin:Shantou
Is Stock In Stock?:Yes
Inventory Type:Whole Sheet
Weaving:Jacquard Weave
Style Details:Lace
Is It Seamless?:No
Clothing Length:Abdomen
Size:Uniform Code

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