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Product SKU:  XU0317928
Product Availability:   In stock
Baby Winter Clothes 3 Newborn Clothes 5 Winter Cotton Clothes For Girls 78 Months And 100 Days Out
Product specifics
Brand:Boys And Girls
Source Category:Goods In Stock
Applicable Sex:Neutral/male
Sleeve Length:Long Sleeves
Is It Hooded?:Hooded Cap
Suitable Season:Winter
Season Of The Year Of Listing:Winter 2019
AQL Sampling Standard:Two Point Five
Pin Spacing Of Flat Car 12-14 Pins/3cm:Yes
Whether The Head Of Wool/miscellaneous Thread Is Trimmed Or Not:All Trimmed Clean
Photo Shoot:Actual Shoot Without Model
Fabric Name:Cotton
Main Fabric Composition:Polyester Fibers (polyester)
Composition Content Of Main Fabric:One Hundred
Safety Grade:Class A
Closed Style:Zipper Shirt
Style:Korean Edition
Style:Long Climb
Place Of Origin:Zhejiang
Fit For Height:66cm,73CM,80cm,90cm
Product Category:A Jumpsuit, Climbing Suit

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