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uploads/erp/collection/images/Luggage Bags/XUQY/XU0322359/img_b/img_b_XU0322359_5_fxpWKP1V2NJNQh7bziJjsq2RnqxW0BUx
Product SKU:  XU0322359
Product Availability:   In stock
Vietnam Autumn Rattan Woven Bag Straw Woven Bag Blue Floral Lining Hollow Woven Flower Skin Buckle Holiday Small Round Shoulder Bag Girl
Product specifics
Is Stock In Stock?:No
Inventory Type:Whole Sheet
Latest Delivery Time:Forty-eight
Whether Distribution Is Supported:Yes
Source Category:Goods In Stock
Threshold For Franchising And Distribution:Unlimited
Style:Women's Shoulder Bag
Processing Mode:Customizing Samples
Luggage Shape:Circular
Bag Trend Style:Flip Bag
Lining Texture:Polyester Cotton
Opening Method:Open Mouth
Popular Elements:Restoring Ancient Ways
Package Internal Structure:Key Position,Large Banknote Clip,Net Bag,Dark Case,Passport Number,Certificate Level
Shoulder Strap Number:Single Root
Luggage Size:In
Lifting Parts:Soft Handle
Bag Type:Cover Pocket
Is It Exported?:No
Brand:Teng Lian Teng Xiu
Colour:Pentagram Skin Buckle Bag 18 * 8,Sun Flower Skin Buckle Bag 18 * 8,Lace Leather Buckle Bag 18 * 8,Sunflower Chinese Leather Buckle Bag 18 * 8,Pentagram China Leather Buckle Bag 18 * 8,Circle Chinese Leather Buckle Bag 18 * 8,Wreath Chinese Knot 18 * 8
Launch Year Season:Fall 2018
Texture Of Material:Straw Weaving

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