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Product SKU:  XU0372194
Product Availability:   In stock
Original Design Bohemia Floral Dress New Spring And Summer 2020 Amazon Independent Station Hot Sale
Product specifics
Source Category:Goods In Stock
Style:Lightly Cooked
Pattern:Broken Flowers
Technology:Printing / Dyeing
Place Of Origin:Guangzhou
Inventory Type:Whole Sheet
Style:Basic Funds
Combination Form:Singleton
Skirt Length:Longuette
Collar Type:V Collar
Sleeve Type:Regular Sleeve
Sleeve Length:Seven Points
Lapel:Sleeve Head
Year / Season Of Launch:Spring 2020
Fabric Name:Cotton Wool
Main Fabric Composition:Cotton
Content Of Main Fabric Components:71%-80%
Is Stock In Stock?:Yes
Colour:Red,Black,Royal Blue,Independent Real Shooting, Original Design, Amazon High-grade Quality Payment, Can Prepare Goods And Send Them To FBA,Please Don't Steal The Pictures. If You Steal The Pictures, You Will Complain And The Complaints Will Not Be Revoked
Age Appropriate:25-29 Years Old
Style Type:Temperament Commuting
Skirt Category:Dress

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